Turn a YouTube Video into a Ringtone

YouTube features many up and coming artists who do not have songs available for ring tone downloads from our favorite ringtone sites. Some of these artists do not even have MP3’s of of their music readily available.

With a free service called Tube2Tone, you can turn any part of any video on YouTube into a ringtone. So, besides using unknown artists’ music as ringtones, this means your dreams of having a different Weird Al song for each person on your contact list could come true—for free!

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First, find a video on YouTube you would like to use as a ringtone. Copy the video’s URL.

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Next, navigate to Tube2Tone.com. Paste the YouTube URL in the box that says search or Enter Video URL and click Search.

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A page then appears with the video in a unique player. This player allows you to watch the video, then only record the part you want to use as a ringtone. You can record a maximum of 40 seconds. Click the Play button. Click Record to capture the part of the video you want as your ringtone, then click Stop. The Create button will turn red.



Click the Create button. You will then be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. Click I Agree.


You can now download, email or send your ringtone via SMS. There are a variety of formats supported, from iPhone to WAV, so these ring tones should work with almost any phone. Nearly every carrier in the United States is listed on the SMS option list, including Spring and Cricket.

download ringtone

In our test the captured ringtone was crystal clear and worked instantly on both an iPhone and an older Samsung phone, both on the AT&T network. Tube2Tone is a fun way to find new and interesting ring tones.

Now when that familiar Nokia ring sounds in the supermarket, you can smile knowing it’s not your phone playing it as 20 people scramble to see if it’s their phone ringing.

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