Enhanced Gmail plug-in

Product Overview

The Enhanced Google Mail™ plug-in for BlackBerry® smartphones introduces an advanced level of email service integration for BlackBerry smartphones. It supports additional Google Mail™ features that provide BlackBerry® Internet Service subscribers with broader access to their Google Mail accounts while on the go.  The Enhanced Google Mail plug-in is optional. Existing and new Google Mail integrations will continue to function without it.

Note: The Enhanced Google Mail plug-in requires BlackBerry® Device Software 4.5 or later and Google Mail integration within the BlackBerry Internet Service. The Google Mail integration must use IMAP, not POP, to function correctly. Google Mail accounts integrated after March 2009 use IMAP. Deleting an existing account and re-integrating it will ensure that the account is using IMAP.
BlackBerry smartphone users with existing integrated Google Mail accounts must re-associate their email accounts to receive the link to download the Enhanced Google Mail plug-in.



  • Add and remove labels and stars on email messages
  • Report spam email messages
  • Perform local and remote searches
  • Archive email messages
  • View related email messages as a single conversation (threaded view)

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